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Payback-Ltd is an online fund recovery firm that aims at protecting people from online scams and unregulated Forex trading. Established in 2008 and based out of Israel, the company serves a huge number of clients around the world. These people are highly skilled at dealing with online scams and help clients get back their lost funds. The company's motto is: ‘We aim to move heaven and earth to get your money back’.

What services do they provide?

Payback-Ltd offers a variety of services to its customers. This includes recovering money lost in online scams and fraud trading sites and pointing out any legal breaches by the merchant. It provides a support system to inexperienced online users and eases the process of fund recovery. With its systematic approach to solving and handling cases, clients get satisfactory results. Below is a list of the most common kinds of scams the company usually deals with. The company has a lot of experience in these fields. Following its four-step recovery process, clients get back their lost funds from the scams.

Online Fraud

Online frauds are not just a single form of scamming the traders. These include several sophisticated techniques to get money from potential victims. There are also called cybercrimes, internet frauds, e-scams, etc. The most common online scams include: ‘The Nigerian Scam’, ‘Guaranteed Acceptance for a Credit Card or Loan’, ‘Lottery & Pyramid Scams’ and ’Charitable Donations’. Mobile phone users are at a greater risk today from online scammers. More than 49% of the users use their phones as a primary device to access the internet. This means scammers can use ransomware, spear-phishing, and other techniques to not just compromise the online trade but also jeopardize the security of the user's personal data. PayBack thus helps its customers to single out the fraud companies and get back the money lost.

Forex & Binary Options scams

Binary Option is a form of fixed-odds betting which involves saying yes or no to a particular offer. This may include predicting the change in the value of assets etc. If the prediction is favorable, the users get back the money along with some interest. And this is exactly where the scammers manipulate the reflection of changes to make sure that traders lose their funds. Forex trading is a very common phenomenon around the world. Forex trading sites have gained popularity in recent years as a way to make money quickly. This, however, attracts a lot of fraudsters on these sites.  There are mainly two kinds of brokers- Regulated and Unregulated. Regulated brokers are government registered and have all the proper documentation. The fund predictions and returns are nothing exceptional. Unregulated brokers, on the other hand, are not present in any database. They are mostly controlled by scammers. Such firms guarantee high returns with a small investment and attract a lot of customers. These fraudsters carry out most of their activities online by making a very authentic looking site consisting of attractive commercials that fool the online population. Either the accounts ultimately close up on their own, freezing all the user assets, or the whole platform may just disappear. 

Refunds and Cancellation

The PayBack site provides customers a valid ground for asking refunds. If a service provider fails to deliver its services or products in any way, customers are liable to get a full refund of their money.  Payback helps customers go through the terms and conditions of the purchase and get refunds or even cancel the transaction. 

Payback-Ltd – a four-step process

The firm works its cases to give the clients their money back. It follows four steps which, if executed properly give the fastest possible and efficient results. These are:

  1. Taking a look at all the details of the case and understanding how and when the transactions took place. It also involves knowing about all the parties involved in it other than the victims.
  2. The next step is to collect proper documentation for building up a strong case against the fraudsters. This may include taking bank statements and transaction details and dates from the client.
  3. Following the building of a strong case, the enterprise contacts the fraud firms. It may take the help of the evidence gathered and also involve banks to assist with the client’s case.
  4. After successfully proving the wrongdoer to be guilty of its crime, the recovery firm claims for a settlement for the client. Depending upon the case it may be a full or partial recovery.

To exercise the above process, the enterprise needs to access certain details from the customer. These include:

  • Checking bank statements and records
  • Knowing the name of the firms involved
  • Keeping track of the dates the transactions took place
  • Knowing transaction details
  • All communication with brokers

This information is carefully analyzed to give customers the best chance of fund recovery. Usually, the time taken to solve depends on the case. It may take up to six to nine months for complicated cases but PayBack can solve the simpler ones within only two or three months.


The initial consultation provided by the company is free. It tells the clients if their funds are at all recoverable. If they want to proceed to recover their lost money, PayBack first charges an upfront fee. The amount specifically depends upon the complexity of the case.  The company deploys experienced professionals to solve the cases and owing to that has more than 700 satisfied customers around the world. It thus offers further help for its clients via these trained professionals to give them maximum comfort.  Following the successful completion of a case, the firm charges a second success fee of 7 to 9% of the amount recovered which again is based on the intricacies of the case. This value is quite low as compared to competitors and thus promises customers a greater share of their recovered money.

Customer Service

Upon contact, Payback asks for all the details related to the case and carefully studies it. If the funds are recoverable it decides upon an initial fee and then carries out the further processes.


Payback-Ltd provides customers with high satisfaction and has successfully solved more than 700 cases. The company has highly trained professionals to work upon cases to solve them as quickly as possible with good returns.   Its four-step program helps to recover lost money efficiently both at local and international levels.

Positive highlights

  • Low commission rate than rivals
  • Variable formula for pricing
  • Highly trained professional workforce
  • Low commission rate than rivals

Negative highlights

  • Don't handle small cases


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How happy are you with the service of this company?
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    Can you get Bitcoin back from scammers? YES!!!! all you have to do is to contact Funds - Recovery. com. I have no idea what did they do but they did it!!!

    Crypto trade is something that a lot of people are yet to utilize the lucrative nature of crypto trade, please be careful when choosing a broker or account manager to invest your funds. This is why it is better to go for a system like a company rather than for some rando individual. Try Funds - Recovery, I am right now in the process with them and they have managed to return some amount of money for me and they are working on the rest as well

    haven’t heard back from this company since they took my 1,200$, this company is a scam as well and prays on people in a hard time in their live.

    "Before you invest in any binary option broker or cryptocurrency broker, I would suggest you to do some research. After waiting for three weeks and feeling depressed after being conned out of $380,000 by an unlicensed online broker, I found a team who assisted me in getting my money back. If your broker needs more money from you in order to help you get your lost money back, your broker manager may be pressuring you to deposit more money before you can withdraw it, your broker manager has manipulated your account, or your broker has blocked your account solely to force you to deposit more money. They are called Scam Doctor.

    If you looking for a company that will help you to recover your lost funds feel free to contact Scam Doctor, they helped me and I think it is okay for me to give them the respect that means to at least show up and leave a comment. I spoke to them and there are generally many people who they've helped so far. It is very challenging to trust a company, especially due to so much fraud online nowadays, but they did help me the reason I Post this comment is that I was begging for a review from a real person while looking for a trustworthy company and I know the struggle. Good luck everybody.

    My broker will not communicate with me anymore and I have invested around 80,000 Canadian. All investments have been made through bitcoins.

    hello. 2 weeks ago, a lady from Hongkong befriend me. after maybe a week of communications she convinced me that cryptocurrency trading is good. She then sent me the platform (OKX trading platform, a legal platform) where I can buy USDT. When I finished depositing the money to OKX, she sent me an app QR code. This app is called BTEM. This BTEM is a scam. I transferred my USDT from OKX to BTEM. I want to recover the money. The amount was 140.000 JPY. Please help