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Funds Recovery Review

Funds Recovery
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Funds Recovery Review

Funds Recovery is an Israel based firm that specializes in financial assets recovery. The company has a strong track record of success in recovering money for its clients across the globe. The number of online scams has increased in recent years. Every year, millions fall for online trading scams, cryptic scams etc. Fortunately enough, Funds Recovery specializes in handling trading frauds like Binary Options, Crypto Currencies, CFDs and Forex Scams. It also provides free consultation to clients who have lost their assets in scams and want to get them back. The firm's site hosts one of the largest databases of scamming firms. This helps not only the victims but also everybody else as well to check that they are not getting scammed by shady enterprises. – recovery process

The firm follows a simple but highly effective procedure to solve the cases and recover the lost money. It first listens to the clients, Understanding all the case details and analyzing if at all the money is actually recoverable. Then with a get-go from the client, it starts working on the case. The firm assigns an experienced team to handle the recovery process. This individual works step by step gathering all the evidence and builds up a strong case against the fraud company.  The huge number of cases the company has already solved may well ensure that the fraud company is one it has previously come across. In that case, the proceedings become even simpler. Though there is no fixed time duration of the case, Funds Recovery can finish solving a simple case well between a few weeks to a few months depends on the complexity of the case.  This period is shorter than what the general recovery sites offer.

Which services do they provide?

The company provides a database of scam brokers for all its clients and every online user to stay safe from unregulated trading scams and fraudsters. Funds Recovery prides itself in solving cases that involve binary options scams, Cryptocurrency scams, and Forex trading scams.  The company offers  Below explained are some of these most common online scams and how to identify such scams being an online trader.

Forex Scams

Forex scams are a major problem and its victims hail from places spread across the world. The primary target for such scams is inexperienced investors.  The scammers usually set up fake social media accounts that feature young attractive people, with big houses and wads of cash, who claim to have earned the whole thing via the particular app.  Even experienced people fall for such schemes. Thus a major cause of people losing money online is their inability arising out of inexperience to gauge the authenticity of a particular scheme. Users trust the scammers with their hard-earned money and then lose it all to no avail.

Crypto Currencies Scams

The entire cryptocurrency market has reached a total traded capitalization of nearly $2 trillion dollars in just 10 years. Still, it is a very unpredictable form of currency whose value may soar at one moment and fall in the next. The volatility of the cryptocurrency has not however deterred investors trying to make a quick buck and this is where the scammers take advantage of the innocence of traders.

Binary Options Scams

Binary Options is another major way in which people lose a lot of funds online. Unlike in the stock market, users here do not buy a particular stock but guess its net worth at a particular time. If their guess is right, they get the initial investment along with a profit. If wrong, they lose the invested money.  Though the proposition sounds fair, its operation by unregistered brokers or automated bots rigs the entire process. Scammers can generate such scenarios constantly where the results are always against the investor, resulting in them losing loads of money.  Sometimes the brokers may appeal to the users to invest more funds for higher payouts. When the time for such payouts arise they may refuse to credit user accounts. The fraudsters can also steal user identities as one needs to provide some personal information before trading.

CFD scams

Contract For Difference is a derivative form of trading which gives the traders an ability to bet on the changing currency prices, assets value, etc.  This is a lucrative way of earning money if the speculations are correct. The fraudsters usually set up sites claiming to give huge returns within only a few hours of trading. They claim to be brokers who can assist users with trading. When giving personal details to such sites, users not only jeopardize the money they earn from such a site but also risk identity theft. In countries like the USA, CFD trading is even more unsafe as the government does not regulate any of the brokers.


Funds Recovery offers an initial free consultation for clients to understand their options. After that, though the prices charged depend totally on the case, its complexity. The amount that the firm will charge can be set only after studying the case and if the funds are recoverable. The huge number of cases solved by the firm helps the customers in two ways. First, it gives the customers assurance that the company has the experience and is adept at handling such online frauds and increases their chance of money recovery. Second, with all such cases solved, the company maintains a database of unregulated fraud broker sites on its website. Any online user can refer to this to stay safe from internet scams.

Customer Service

The customer service department at Funds Recovery is contactable via email - [email protected]. Customers can also reach out to the firm via telephone. 

  • IL: +972779725419
  • Aus: +61386521285
  • US: +16468447451
  • SW: +41315082625

Clients can also contact directly via the website by registering and filling up a form providing the case details and personal details like name, number, and email address.


Funds Recovery is a very successful online assets recovery firm that offers quick results to customers around the world. It has solved a huge number of online fraud cases. This gives the firm a lot of experience and know-how. The company handles all kinds of cases at every level. The ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction and recover the lost money. The straight forward approach solves the case as quickly as possible.  

Positive highlights

  • First consultation is free of cost
  • Worldwide client base
  • Trained and experienced workforce
  • A huge database of scam sites

Negative highlights

  • Don't handle small cases below $2,000


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    I invested in fx6 aitrademate platform and lost money

    The day i was scammed was thesame day i lost my daughter, i was totally destroyed emotionally for 3 month. i didn't have a dime left in my bank besides my credit. all my life savings was cleared from my bank by some investment scammers which i shared my banking details with. the police and the bank only filed a report and closed the case, i was left all alone to suffer it and i can swear it was a living nightmare. Not until my in-law introduced me to.Funds-Recovery, I knew very little about what they do but thanks God they have returned 70 % of the total amount for me for now. i would drop their contact down below:

    About 40000+EUR lost in crypto currency scams. Money transfer to wallet but unable toretrieve later! WHAT ARE YOUR TERMS?

    Thanks to finds-recovery for helping me to recover my money from stoxmarket!

    My account was hacked and I lost almost everything $520,000 I have saved over the years until I found a legit company who helped me recover a lot of money in 3 days it was a surprise to me because I do not believe that one can find the way to deal with this due to the fact that identity is impossible to track when trading online. this was the best experience ever , thank you

    I strongly advise using this very reputable Funds-Recovery for anyone looking to recover any type of crypto currencies assets from online frauds, Wallet hackers, or BTC transferred to the wrong address. After I lost a lot of money to those terrible con artists posing as recovery specialists, this recovery specialist was great in aiding me in getting my Bitcoin back. After I gave them relevant details and prerequisites, a total of 1.4170,00 BTC was eventually recovered. I was overjoyed that I had been able to recover this much after having lost even more to the problems I had dealt with before discovering Zatt Recovery. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with zattrecoverypro1 AT Gmail com. if you find yourself in this scenario and need help recovering from an online bitcoin scam

    I have always being a disbeliever of crypto wallet recovery agents. This is because of the whopping sum of money I have lost in the process. My colleague introduced me to Funds - Recovery and I was able to secure all my Ethereum coins I thought were lost

    Bitcoin scams everywhere, be careful who you invest with , I feel peoples pain because I was also in this shoes , got scammed of $60,000 by an instagram broker who lured me into investing on their website with promise to make times 3 of it in a month and bonuses, time to withdraw funds, I found out it was fake website and the took all the money a lot of other people too, thanks to an amazing genius, Sofia from Funds - Recovery I got the money back finally! Woohoo

    To be honest i went through the worst period of my life and i am only lucky to have been introduced to the professionals that helped me out. I was able to have a 1 on one call with Funds Recovery I guess I was lucky but I know what I went through and have decided to share the word for the benefit of others.

    Hi, my name is Dave Timothy I was able to recover my lost funds from a very sketchy investment company, last year I invested all my life savings but got duped in the process my whole life was messed up. This January I was referred by a friend to use the services of Funds -Recovery and i got all my money back. All thanks to this recovery expertise my nightmare is now over; it’s a whole new year with a new beginning. Reach them out if you’re in this kind of mess. Please be careful when dealing with investments.

    I was able to get in touch with an international group Funds -Recovery that assured me positive outcome about my scam experience and file a fraud Claim against this outfit……RFRex, a reliable consulting and investigative company, offers a reliable fund recovery service for scam victims to make the process of assets recovery easier and faster. This service offered aims to help clients get their money back fast. They are expert in dealing with any types of scams online and give offer reimbursements to the victims using disputes, monitoring digital fingerprints, cyber analysis as well as detailed investigative work. A free consultation is available on their website. Their goal is to inform and to help you recover your lost funds from the banks and credit card providers through our extensive knowledge in fraud detection and years of experience in dealing with these matters. They have a professionally trained group of recovery agents who have worked in the financial sector and have a high success rate including many satisfied customers.

    Funds-Recovery has helped me to recover my finds . It took them 4 days only!However I don't think it is always this short because my case is, as they say, very "easy" and straight forward solvable.

    In Oct 2019 I lost a total of $92,600 USD, combined in two Binary companies. The professionalism and Realfunds recovery guided me in the hunt to get back my money from one scam so far. I received 100% percent of my money! WOW! It took over 6 months but I almost lost hope but I am finally happy again, Thanks to Albert it was a pleasure to connect with Real Funds Recovery, I thank you, God bless you guys. Would certainly recommend it to everyone in trouble with scammers. RFRex AT proton dot me / Realfundsrecovery AT GMAIL DOT COM.

    Funds-Recovery is the best because of there unique way of recovery, And they will never take a dime from you till they recover your funds and your funds returned back to you and the fake website blocked. They are also quick with there way of recovery and have good legal team fighting most of there cases.

    I was scammed out of my life's savings ($120000) finding someone willing to help was almost impossible. Then I came upon Funds Recovery & I gave them a shot. I actually got a call back from a very nice man named Aalbert who was friendly & very helpful. Even though I knew I was the one who screwed up - he never made me feel stupid for doing so. He explained everything - did daily follow up calls & even when I was delegated over to the lawyers' group, he still managed to call to see how I was & how things were going. I would recommend this company & especially Albert for his outstanding concern & care. RFRex AT PROTON DOT ME

    A whole lot of people are going through hard times because they invested in Crypto and it turned out they got ripped off. So many real sites are out there being cloned and you will never know which one is real or not. If you ever in a position where you fell for their scams, EMAIL : RFRex @ follow up with the instructions and get the chance to win back all your losses. You need professionals to deal with these issues for you.

    Weeks of discussions with 3 successive account managers, daily promises never kept! it is a very insidious and perverse system that makes you believe that you have huge gains in your account, and you have to pay to get them back; but we never receive anything, and every day, we are told that we have to pay a little more for such and such a reason! in the end, I lost a lot !!!!!!! I’m glad I got off their clutches eventually after making a formal report to Scam Doctor The reimbursement was a wonderful feeling.

    i have send 20k USDT on FTXC app from binance, when i asked for withdrawal they refuse operation and keep my money in review,

    Mi sono affidato a FUNDS RECOVERY su quanto mi è accaduto nel mio caso di truffa romantica. Ora mi stanno aiutando per farmi riavere i molti soldi che ho perso. Sono fiducioso del loro lavoro e spero di ottenere dei risultati positivi.

    I’m a victim of viamarketsgo, total lost around 26,000 usd

    Funds Recovery is a consulting firm that specializes in the recovery of assets from financial fraud. They`ve helped me recover mine but still be careful, there are many scammers out there. These guys from Funds Recovery at least have that black list very visible on their website meaning they know what they do since they can publish is just like that. I have filled the complaint with them online and the rest went all very smooth

    I have just made contact with a wonderful guy from Funds Recovery .This woman that was working on mu case is just the best, so easy to talk to knows what I believe pretty much all the questions I asked & the time she gave me was just incredible. I have decided to go along with this company. The first step to recover from a totally shonkey crypto scam company. The upfront fee takes your breath away, but having read about the company with a very successful rating. I was forcing myself to think logically and rationally, when I had to pay this upfront fee and when she said that they just have to charge for the job they do because hpw would it be sustainable otherwise, I confess it made sence to me at that moment. I feel abit more at ease, & I want to fight to regain the money I inherited from my deceased mother due to her death from Covid in 2020. I pray that all things go well. I shall add to this comment as we move forward.

    On the 10th Aug 2022, I have been scammed. 5183 USDT was taken from my TronLink wallet without my permission. I did not receive any verification request on my phone +44 7808896542 or in my email. I had transferred it from my Binance App to TronLink and I was waiting for the buyer to make the payment. At 11:02 BST, I got notification about the transfer which I did not trigger. However I wish to understand your T&C as the link for your T&C in this webpage is broken.

    I lost money to several binary options brokers and this almost ruined me because I had to hire a lawyer to investigate, but nothing worked to get my money back. I trusted this last broker with IQoptions with £ 150,000 and lost it, but I found a recovery company that specializes in fund recovery and they helped me track the funds and get my money back with the accrued profits. if this wasn't for this company, my life would be in total ruins, I don't think it's right to lose your hard-earned money to fake brokers contact

    I have been scammed for $115.000 by 2 dating sites.

    I got scammed by Astro Forex and CM Copi Fair Trade. They asked me money ever since I've started and up till this point nothing has been paid to me. They kept on asking me to deposit money before my profits can be released by the bank.

    I got scammed by Astro Forex and CM Copi Fair Trade. They asked me money ever since I've started and up till this point nothing has been paid to me. They kept on asking me to deposit money before my profitd can be released by the bank.

    Thank you FUNDS-RECOVERY!!!!!

    Consult professional expert

    Funds-Recovery has successfully returned $67000 in 5 months. Tnx

    FUNDS-RECOVERY.COM are the best out there, they recovered by initial deposit of 4000$ back into my account and i am very grateful contact them via

    Thank you Funds-Recovery for saving my life and my marriadge. I got scammed by a cute Asian girl for %100 000 and FR got 70 % back in 3 months

    HAVE YOU BEEN SCAMMED OF YOUR COINS AND WANTS TO GET IT RECOVERED BACK??? I invested a total of$95,000.00USD worth of Bitcoin with an online company who does trading and was guaranteed a payout of 25% a week. They ended up shutting down their company website but their website was still running. So I could still see my dashboard at that time and instead of paying weekly they ended up compounding my money. It ended up compounding to$179, 000USD so I requested for a withdrawal which was declined before they shutdown their website, I complained to my colleague at work who directed me about these recovery experts, that helped him, I contacted them immediately, what surprised me most, was that I recovered my money that same week. You can contact him on

    Help me in the scam recover

    A whole lot of people are going through hard times because they invested in Crypto and it turned out they got ripped off. So many real sites are out there being cloned and you will never know which one is real or not. If you ever in a position where you fell for their scams, go to follow up with the instructions and get the chance to win back all your losses. You need professionals to deal with these issues for you.

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams are becoming rampant as the day goes by. One should be careful when dealing with people online especially when it has to do with your funds. Getting back your stolen bitcoins is very easy but they are lots of fraudulent recovery firms out there so you need to be careful not to end up being defrauded again. ( is the most trusted and reliable recovery firm online. They are the best recovery firm out there now. They are very fast and efficient in the recovery of your funds.

    Are you a victim of? Fake trading platform, Romance, ICO, Bitcoin, Phishing, exchange scams etc. is currently recovering funds for all victims and has successfully helped me. I know quite a number of people had also fallen victim. I obliged myself the privilege's to bring to your notice that it is possible to get your assets recovered Thank me later.

    Gracias !!!

    I am scammed.of $3000 btc.

    Most brokers take advantage with customers funds because they fill these customers don’t know how to get their funds back, But trust me there are hidden ways you can get your lost funds back from the broker. I was able to withdraw my $94000 from the two brokers i signed up with while trading. I’ve never done this before but i promise to recommend them and now they did deserve this comment and my rating on Turstpilot. THANKYOU

    Can Not Recover the Funds from LYXOR PRO in LONDON ENGLAND

    Hello, i have been scammed for 19000USDT by one of hongkong based company. Can you help me to recover my friend. Thanks

    Funds-Recovery thank you fpr your patience with me and for recovering my money

    If you think someone you know is being scammed or targeted by cheaters , do not make them feel embarrassed anyone can be a victim, few months ago I and my wife were scammed about $60,000, almost gave up in life, we were hopeless until a Brother introduced me to Take the right step and recover your lost funds trust me it is 100% possible.

    I got scam by Vast forex. I loss so much my money around USD6000 almost USD 7000. When I get some profit and I want withdraw my money, its doesn’t working. They tell me I should pay the tax first.

    I got scam from Vast Forex, i loss so much money around USD 6000 almost USD 7000. When I want get withdraw my money it doesn’t working. They tell me I should pay the tax first.

    Hi, I was involved in a romance scam and lost I lot of money, made a fool of myself really.... I contacted they helped me recover all the money....really amazed

    Thank you for getting my money back!!

    Ask for Jon Weinberg at he helped me get my money back

    They got my money back. Great company

    Best recovery company out there. They actually do what they say. They helped me get back 55K from Olsson Capital trading scam.