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Romance Scam Recovery Company


We live in a world where everything is just one click away, so why not love, too? Especially since the pandemic, more and more adults are searching for partners online. There are dating apps, matchmaking platforms, and singles’ forums, all of them brimming with opportunities for romance. Unfortunately, they are also riddled with con people ready to defraud the lonely hearts. Don’t worry, romance scam recovery companies are there for all the broken-hearted people who want to retrieve their pride and money.

The Wicked World of Dirty Dating Scams

If you think that romance fraud happens to a few little old ladies, think again! In the last couple of years dating scams have become massive. The number of romance scam victims is huge which 2021 statistics prove with the unsettling report that evaluates the financial loss from this con to amount to $547 million.

Several reasons enable love scams to breed like germs. Firstly, we are used to communication on the internet, and we are open to the idea of meeting people online. Though there is a multitude of fraudulent matching sites, con people usually exploit legitimate dating apps and social networks. Very few people would mind if a charming attractive stranger contacts them via Facebook or Instagram.

This leads us to the second reason. Romance scam tactics have become increasingly effective and complex. The fraudsters use social engineering, a form of subtle manipulation which makes the target drop their guard down. What’s worse, in the vast majority of romance scam stories, the victims develop genuine emotions. These individuals are not hopeless romantics, they are everyday people who were unfortunate enough to fall into an elaborate trap.

Many Faces of Romance Scams

The dating scam format tends to be universally the same. A target is approached by an attractive stranger and they hit it off. They chat for weeks, all the while the con artist is slowly gaining trust. They declare their love and after a while, the fraudster asks for a small monetary favor. At first, everything seems innocent, but soon the victim sends more and more money. In the end, the con person simply disappears, leaving the target confused and with financial damage.

What usually changes in romance scammers’ tactics is the cover they hide behind. These fraudsters will create fake personas to lure their victims. They can be doctors, musicians, widowers – whatever works.The romance scam photos are always stolen by actual soldiers who are unaware of the wrongdoing. 

Recently, the US soldier romance scam has been rampant. A con person poses as a military officer with a heart of gold that needs help escaping their war-torn life. Another popular cover includes oil-rig workers. Soldiers and oil-platform staff are great for romance scam stories as they are always far away and have an excuse why they can’t meet in person. Another popular element of dating fraud is cryptocurrency. More and more cons are trying to defraud crypto, as it is more difficult to retrieve.

Money Recovery Experts to The Rescue

With the constantly growing number of online dating schemes, funds recovery companies have dedicated their resources to helping romance scam victims. Money retrieval agencies help battle various types of cons, like cryptocurrency scams, fake broker platforms, and thieving investment opportunities. The company’s financial and legal teams evaluate the case of a scammed individual and they try to find an optimal solution to retrieve the money.

Asset retrieval agents utilize the same expertise, but they just apply it to romance cons. At the end of the day, a person has lost their money to a fraud, and they deserve the same legal and financial remedy. The staff is aware of how the romance scam survivors are often emotionally distraught, so they provide their services with professionalism and understanding.

How Do They Recover Funds?

Firstly, a person needs to present their situation and disclose all the necessary details. They need to explain who the scammer was and whether they went through a romance scam on Whatsapp or Instagram, or if they used a fake dating site. The potential client has to provide all the financial information and money transactions. Lastly, they should explain an overall timeline of the events.

After the case has been filed properly, case coordinators will analyze it and they will try to follow the money trail. By doing so, they are searching for official financial institutions like banks and credit card companies who are liable for fraudulent transactions. Once they pinpoint the responsible parties, they can dispute the case and make claims for the retrieval of the stolen assets.

The After Effects and Negative Emotions

Sadly, many dating scam victims go through an overwhelming sense of shame. They feel embarrassed and this stops them from sharing their experience. Fearing judgment and ridicule, many survivors don’t report the fraud. They feel alone and they think they’re the only fools to fall for the con. What they don’t realize is that the romance scam list is as long as the Amazon river. Fund recovery agents have seen it all, and they are here to help.

Recover Your Pride Recover Your Money

If you have gone through this negative experience, don’t hide away from the world, and take action. Try to find a scam victim support group. They can help you with psychological healing. Also, bear in mind that your money might not be lost after all. Contact professionals of money-back agencies and make the first step towards retrieving your money.