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Dating Scam Recovery Companies


The world of dating is messy enough but now single people have to be on the lookout for money-grabbing scammers. Since more and more individuals are looking for their considerable others online, con-artists have developed new ways to exploit this. As a result, dating scams have become rampant. 

There have been estimates that in 2020 the damages from romance scams counted up to $304 million. What’s worse, the trend continued and 2021 reports claim the financial injury from dating schemes rounded up to $547 million. With such a massive scale of romance fraud, there has been a growing need for legal and financial remedies. 

This all means that money recovery companies have their work cut out for them. The best course of action a scam victim can do is contact professionals. Unfortunately, many dating scheme targets don’t know that they have options. This article will give you an insight into how money recovery companies can help you in case of a dating scam.

What Are Fund Recovery Companies?

To put it simply, they are agencies that offer services of mitigating legal and financial damage incurred by various types of scams. Like a law firm, they can specialize in specific types of frauds, but also they can have a wide field of expertise. Their staff is knowledgeable and particularly trained to fight scams.

These types of businesses can come under many different names. You might encounter terms like asset recovery agency, money retrieval firm, funds retrieving office, and a combination of all those. Whichever the moniker, they set out to help people return their stolen money. 

How Do They Work?

It’s important to note that distinct offices can have their unique way of doing business. What’s more, certain cases may have extraordinary circumstances that require special treatment. With all that in mind, this article will try to explain a general practice of the money retrieval process. 

Firstly, an individual has to present their case. Depending on the agency, they can do this online, by placing a call or they can visit the premises personally. Once the complaint has been properly filed an agent evaluates the case and forms a plan of action. In certain situations, several experts are active, depending on the complexity of the case. 

Time and Patience 

There is no fixed time frame on how long a battle against a romance scam can last. It can take weeks, months, and even a year before a victim gets their money back. As a rule of thumb, more complex cases last longer, though simple ones might encounter complications. It’s best for potential clients to adjust their expectations and strap in for a long fight. 


This is a key element to any successful case. Firstly the victim needs to explain their situation clearly, and they need to present all the necessary details and information. Agents and team members should keep the client in the loop and regularly update them about their progress. Generally, it is a bad sign if the company doesn’t practice transparency. 

Individuals should expect long correspondence and many phone calls. What’s more, it is common that the company asks for additional documents and information later during the process. Not obliging these requests might hinder the development of the dispute.

They Fight for Your Rights 

The asset retrieval professionals don’t go after the actual romance scammer. If you want to prosecute the con person, you should contact the authorities. However, the role of an agent is to get your money, not dispense justice. They can employ various methods, but the gist is that they are searching for official financial bodies who can be found liable. 

Banks and credit card companies hold solemn duty to protect their clients’ assets. Without the guarantee and practice of keeping people’s funds safe, these financial institutions wouldn’t exist. For this reason, there are sets of laws and contract clauses that guard the customers against potential damages. Here we come to the crux of the matter – When a dating scammer extorts money, usually banks facilitate the transfer of funds. Such organizations should not allow fraudulent transactions.  

The refund experts present the case to accountable organizations and demand that the client has rights to reimbursement. The basis of these claims lies in the fact that the victim has made all the transactions under emotional manipulation. In that case, the banks didn’t fulfill their duty since they shouldn’t have allowed such transactions. Ultimately, they are legally obligated to compensate the victim. 

The Shame of a Romance Scam 

Dating schemes are especially harmful since victims tend to suffer from psychological damage, along with financial injury. There have been many testimonies which claimed that targets were experiencing greater pain from broken trust and disillusionment, rather than monetary loss. It’s not rare that the victim shuts off in disbelief and can’t accept reality. 

In the majority of cases, the romance scam survivors feel a great sense of embarrassment. This is especially problematic as it impairs the victim’s decision to take action. They might feel unwilling to contact professionals because of fear of social stigma and humiliation. It’s important to know that romance scheme sufferers are not alone. What’s more, money retrieving agents won’t judge anyone. 

Professionalism and Understanding

What many romance scam victims sometimes fail to realize is that unfortunately, their experience isn’t unique. This means that funds recovery agencies have probably dealt with a multitude of similar cases. The agents won’t be shocked and judgemental, they are set to do their job and that is all. 

When an individual presents their situation, the company will check its database of successful cases and cross-reference them. This will help the team create the best possible plan for funds retrieval. In addition, this means that the agent taking over the case has a thorough understanding of the victims’ circumstances and their state of mind. 

Experts working with dating scam targets tend to be supportive and compassionate with their clients. Nevertheless, as understanding as they are, money retrieval agents are not therapists. They can’t provide the psychological healing that many scam sufferers require. If a person needs emotional support, there are groups and institutions that specialize in that. 

What to Do in Case of a Scam? 


It’s important to understand that you are not alone. Our professionals have helped countless romance scam victims. You shouldn’t wallow in regret and shame but make your first steps in recovering your money and your dignity. Contact Funds Recovery our professionals will hear you out without judgment. Get your free consultation now.