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The firm offers free consultation services and then, if the case demands, refers the clients to reputable 'asset recovery' companies. Based in the district of Brevnov in West Prague, the Czech Republic, MyScamAdviser's motto is ‘It’s time to take action against fraud’. One can contact the firm to get consultation and strategies if he or she loses money in Binary Options, trading in Forex, or cryptocurrency.

Which services do they provide?

The company's main function is to offer guidelines to its clients for the recovery of lost assets. People or organizations with monetary losses in trading scams via any method be it card, cash or cryptocurrency can contact them. MyScamAdviser gives a detailed description of the several ways scammers swindle off their victim's money. It then offers to help clients with the consultation procedure, assets recovery, and referrals.

Investment & Trading Scams

The MyScamAdviser site maintains a list of unregulated brokers who are mostly involved with online scams to save traders from falling for them. It also supports the people on whom these fraudsters have preyed. Scam forums, be it Binary Options, Forex trading, etc offer a lot of information to the customers and overwhelm them. They especially mislead new customers and traders by providing all this unnecessary data and lure them in hopes of earning big fortunes. With unrealistic offers, the buyer can get confused and invest in scams that look very lucrative. MyScamAdviser directs its customers to stay away from such offers. It tells traders to only trade with reputed and regulated brokers who have all the proper documentation and are geographically situated near the clients. Not just that, the site can help clients by giving them a list of trusted brokers around them to safeguard their assets.  Unregulated brokers are mostly scammers who have no actual trading experience and their only aim is to steal money from inexperienced traders. MyScamAdviser has good experience dealing with such brokers. It has helped several clients recover their funds by referring them to companies that specifically deal with such negotiations involving banks and credit card companies. The way in which MyScamAdviser regulates the whole procedure of guiding its clients through the process of recovery is as follows: Initiating Contact: This is where clients should reach out to MyScamAdviser. They can do it via email or a call during office hours. It helps the company get a general idea about the case. Revision of Claim: This is a crucial part of the process. Here the firm with its appointed team of experts goes through the case. It asks for all associated documents like bank statements or invoices and details of the companies involved in the scam, the amount lost, etc.  MyScamAdviser does this to assess if the case at hand is actually solvable and whether monetary recovery is possible. If yes, it executes further actions and builds a case.  Devising a plan: MyScamAdviser is a consulting firm and thus it offers the clients the best and most efficient ways of getting back their money. It goes through the cases and tries to work out details by which they can obtain back the money. If all options fail and the case is severely complicated, it refers the client to a 'fund recovery' enterprise which is proficient and reputed in bringing back scammed funds. Final Strategy: The client's decision is the ultimate one and the firm respects that. It allows them to choose a specific recovery enterprise of their liking and can even introduce them to highly established law firms for added assistance if required.  The firm prides itself on providing consultation, case assessment, intelligence gathering, and referrals.


The MyScamAdviser site is free. Being a non-profit organization, it gives its clients a consultation or recommendation just for bettering their situations. Primarily, acting as a referral site, the company may study the client’s case and decide upon the necessary courses of action. It then refers the clients to a more adept money recovery enterprise, free of cost.  This enterprise can then charge a commission fee on the amount recovered. The commission fee is never fixed and may depend on the amount recovered from the scammer organization. The range for this can lie anywhere between 7% and 35% of the funds. As mentioned earlier MyScamAdviser is in contact with several highly established law firms and can directly refer clients to them if the case needs it. It does so without charging a single dime.

Customer Service

The company's postal address is Stone LP International s.r.o Radicova 2479/7, Brevnov, 169 00 Prague 6 IC: 08029113. Clients can also send their queries directly to the company by filling out a form present on the contact page of the website. Full Name, Email, Phone, Country of Residence, Amount Lost, Broker Name, and Deposit Method are a few details the client will have to provide while filling out the form. At the time of determining the success rate of the case provided, the customer department may reach out to clients for more details and added documentation if needed.  Only after proper assessment and careful deliberation will MyScamAdviser ask clients to either go for a money recovery enterprise or a law firm depending upon the case’s complexity. It ensures that clients will receive the best guidance for asset recovery in a fast and efficient manner.


MyScamAdviser is a free consultation enterprise that studies clients' cases carefully and brings them the best opportunity to recover their lost money. It does not have a generalized approach, rather with a more cautious case by case approach it finds the most appropriate shot to win the case. By not solving the cases on its own, MyScamAdviser refers them to companies well known and trusted, thus acting as a liaison between the clients and such recovery enterprises or law firms. Staying true to its motto it tries to give justice to all its clients by helping them recover their money.

Positive highlights

  • Helps in multiple tradings be it forex or cryptocurrency
  • Provides consultation for free
  • Fast and responsive customer care
  • Refers to reputed companies and law firms

Negative highlights

  • Cases are not solved by the company, only referred to other established firms
  • No clear statistics about cases took up and referred


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    Digital trading ( forex, crypto and option ) according to statistic is the best way to earn money working from home. But scammers have made it hard for anyone to benefit from trading, thanks to Funds-Recovery who helped me recover all my lost funds in forex trading including my profits. I found them from their Facebook Page where they first answered some questions and then they have redirected me to their website Dont trust this site!! this is fraud they ask for money or blackmail you while using this website ....

    I have lost $50, What I invested in a telegram bot Diversifying across different crypto cloud mining After so long Mining, they have no intention of paying Me with the New terms they made

    i got scam by this wallet address 0x45296ad00d1db9f9a40988030c90478362416190 the transaction on my trust wallet they took all my balance kindly help to report this wallet address

    I invested a total of$95,000.00USD worth of Bitcoin with an online company who does trading and was guaranteed a payout of 25% a week. They ended up shutting down their company website but their website was still running. So I could still see my dashboard at that time and instead of paying weekly they ended up compounding my money. It ended up compounding to$179, 000USD so I requested for a withdrawal which was declined before they shutdown their website, I complained to my colleague at work who directed me about this recovery experts and in two months the money was already in my pocket back again thanks God ill never do this again