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Credit/Debit Card Scams


Now more than ever, individuals are using credit cards and debit cards to make their daily purchases. With the almost instant gratification of online shopping, coupled with the convenience of carrying less cash, these plastic, seemingly magic cards are everywhere. 

But everywhere that money is spent, scammers are lurking – especially online. A thief doesn’t need to physically hold your card anymore in order to gain access to your banking accounts and personal information. 

The Cause 

Unaware shoppers fall prey to inauthentic websites, unsecured networks, sketchy phone calls, and faux charity organizations, among other situations, unintentionally revealing their information to lurking scammers. 

The Disease Deterioration 

After falling for one of the many common credit/debit card scams, unassuming individuals submit their card information, which is stolen and used by strangers. 

How Do You Feel?

As a victim of credit and debit card theft, you may feel an overwhelming sense of distrust towards online shopping, as well as extreme violation, fear, and shame.  

How Do I Know if I Have Been Infected?

If you’ve been infected by credit/debit card fraud, you may be contacted by your credit card company or bank concerning unusual activity. You may also notice strange charges to your card or large amounts of missing funds. 

How to Avoid?

To avoid coming into contact with credit and debit card scammers, be wary of all instances that require your personal information, both online and over the phone. Never give your information to someone who contacts you first and requests it, and avoid suspicious offers and automated message systems.

Solution if Infected

If you have fallen victim to credit/debit card scams, contact your bank immediately to cancel your cards. Follow up with a consultation from the Scam Doctor to contact a funds recovery company.

Credit/Debit Card Scams

The United States is ranked the number one country in the world for credit card fraud. In 2019, there were well over two million cases of both fraud and identity theft reported. This number has skyrocketed over the last decade, with almost half of them directly connected to credit cards and debit cards.

In fact, it’s estimated that approximately $9.47B was stolen in illegal transactions in 2018. Certainly, that number has only grown since then. 

And although fraud protection technology has continued to develop and become more intelligent, scammers have evolved right alongside it. There are plenty of strategies that scammers use to get a hold of credit and debit card information. 

Anyone can pick up a lost credit or debit card, but online scammers also use technology like skimmers to steal information at point-of-sale. Online hackers take advantage of unsecured or fake websites to obtain financial information. 

Phone call schemes are also still in place to fool unsuspecting cardholders. Whether posing as a charity, offering lower interest rates, or pretending to be your credit card company and asking for card information, phone scammers can easily convince people to hand over their financial information. 

If you have fallen prey to a credit or debit card scam, contact the Scam Doctor today. With a free consultation, you can connect with a funds recovery company and work towards getting your money back.