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Action Refund Reviews


According to the Federal Trade Commission, in 2020, more than $3 billion was lost to fraud, and they received more than 2 million fraud reports. 

There are continuous scams everywhere; have you gotten a phone call recently from an unknown number labeled as “potential spam”? If so, that’s quite common in the 21st-century world we live in, especially with access to online shopping and the risk of identity theft.

However, while there are a bunch of pesky websites and people out there looking to scam you, there is help offered as well. Unfortunately, some of these sources are known to take money from desperate people who have already lost investments, which is called revictimization. This trend has increased over the past years, and people need to be informed.

So why does this matter? Action Refund, one of these companies mentioned above, is a scam company that claims to offer positive services yet will most likely target people searching for guidance to get their money back.

Action Refund 

On their website, Action Refund states that their process is easy. Clients searching for help to recover their funds will simply have to submit their claim (which will be reviewed by the Action Refund team). 

Afterward, the customer and Action Refund will collect evidence, approaching companies together. Finally, the Action Refund team will reimburse the happy customer. Sounds great, right? It’s not as it sounds. 

Action Refund points out how millions of people worldwide suffer from scams, which very much could be accurate based on the former data above. They proudly say: “We at Action Refund are here to let you know that you are not alone.” 

Is Action Refund Legit? 

Action Refund is a scam company. They have multiple ways of contact, via phone or email. Their website looks legitimate, with terms and conditions, privacy policy, and reviews from TrustPilot.    

Upon diving a little deeper into customers’ experiences, their testimonials are mixed. Action Refund has both positive and negative write-ups from current or former clients. Some say they lost even more money after interacting with them or that Action Refund refused their case but kept their payment. 

You can submit a message to them providing your name, phone number, email, how much money you lost, and a brief synopsis of your inquiry or concern.

Allegedly, thousands of dollars have been refunded within the past month through their services, and they have nearly 2,000 clients. Action Refund discusses types of scams, including binary options, forex trading, cryptocurrency, and others, like online dating. There is also a news and blog section, with articles such as “How to Spot a Scam Website.”

Action Refund’s Services

Action Refund voices that their team works hard to ensure that everyone who approaches them gets a professional fund recovery service. Their process, as said previously, requires that you file a complaint where you detail the scam. 

They offer a free consultation, and the team assesses the case. Once reviewed, a case manager will guide you through the process, and you will be able to contact them at any time. You can also provide more evidence to support the case in your favor. 

Action Refund will represent you, and they guarantee protection.

According to Scam Recovery

Action Refund has an FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) warning, which makes the public aware of companies and individuals operating illegally or fraudulently. They have been reported by a regulator before. Therefore, do not pay or do business with them.

Is Action Refund a Scam?

After considering that Action Refund copies their websites from competitors in the industry, they are not legitimate. You should avoid them regardless of their claims on their website. Place your trust in another, more reliable business with a proven background. 

Final Warning  

Action Refund is not a company you should rely on if you have been scammed and are searching for resources to file your claim. 

If you have interacted with them and got scammed, we encourage you to report them to get your money back. Another solution would be a chargeback. In other words, a chargeback would be a cancellation and refund of a charge on your credit card or via different payment methods.

Please have some consideration when interacting with companies like Action Refund. Hesitate to provide your personal information right away without further research because of situations such as these.