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    Traders Domain Review

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    Traders Domain is a forex trading platform built by experienced traders exclusively for the traders. It intends to excel as a leading trading broker through its advanced technology-based trading platform.

     Is Traders Domain Regulated?

    Located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Traders Domain is a non-regulated forex trading entity. It facilitates trade in CFDs, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and foreign currencies through its MetaTrader-5 and MetaTrader-4 platforms which can be accessed and downloaded on the desktop, Android, and iOS systems.

    Is it Really Safe to Trade through Traders Domain?

    Traders Domain offers ECN and Standard account type to the traders with a minimum deposit of USD 100. The deposit can be made through a number of methods like Cryptocurrency, VISA, or a Mastercard and levies both deposit and withdrawal fees. The most dubious fact is that it has not disclosed the list of assets in which it allows trading. Moreover, it does not allow applications from the nationals of the United Kingdom, US, Israel, Canada, and the Republic of Iran. Many reviewers have claimed that it is run by Uncle_ted_ aka Ted safranko who is a well-known scammer.

    How to Get Your Money Back if Scammed by Traders Domain?

    Users are strictly advised to go through the privacy policies, terms, and conditions on the Traders Domain’s website which do not promise any security or warranty with regards to details of the content on its website. In case you have been duped by the Traders Domain we recommend you to avail the services of the companies or the course action suggested by us to get your money back.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?

    Deposite 50.000 dólares y estuve 1 mes . Según ellos los retiraron con un hacker que me robo