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    Scam Watcher Review

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    Scam Watcher is a website that provides information related to online scamming activities. It has also partnered with to help the investors recover their funds lost or stolen in online fraudulent events.

    Is Scam Watcher Registered?

    Although the registration of the Scam Watcher website expired in 2020, the company posts informative articles to create awareness against the cheating agencies and their modus operandi. It offers a list of brokers who had flouted or had been reported to have flouted any rules or regulations and scamming with respect to cryptocurrencies, forex trading, crowdfunding, pension funds, credit banking and other online transactions. Based upon our investigation and the website itself not being accessible suggests it is not safe to trust it with our details.

    Is Investing in Scam Watcher Safe?

    The online presence of Scam Watcher is itself non-existent as the access to the website has been limited via Wordfence installed by the site owner. The website has not been optimized for popular search engines like Bing and Google.  Being a forex review portal, Scam Watcher has been rated highly negative by the users as it has been reported to have jeopardized the personal financial details of its registrants. Hence, it is advisable not to share any information via chat support or form filling and also no payment should be made.

    What to do in case you are scammed by Scam Watcher?

    It is extremely important to remain vigilant and protect ourselves against such fake information and activities. However, in case if you fall prey to a scam or online thefts, you can reach us and take help from one of our recommended recovery companies to get your money back.


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