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    Optionstars Review

    Risk Index

    Optionstars is a digital Binary Options broker. It has a goal to make trading available for both freshers in the world of the financial market as well as those who have any experience. It also offers to chart capabilities to their clients. It provides traders with the choice of three different accounts that have their own advantages and perks so that clients can choose according to their requirements.

    Is Optionstars Regulated?

    Optionstars is consistent with a secondary company named New Markets SA which is based in Samoa. As per our investigations, this broker is not regulated by any recognized body. It is a broker that has no legal licence too, that confirms its status to be an untrusted firm. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With Optionstars?

    According to our research and investigations, this broker has received countless negative reviews and complaints from the traders. Hence, it is highly recommended not to invest with this broker as it brings the highest level of risk of losing the invested amount immediately.

    How To Get Your Scammed Money Back From Optionstars?

    In any circumstance, if you experience a scam by Optionstars, you can avail the services of the fund’s recovery companies recommended by us to get your invested money back safely.


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