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    MultiMiner Review

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    MultiMiner is a cryptocurrency company, which was founded in the year 2017. The company offers a wide range of services in investment and making a profit with bitcoin. The holders can use this platform for investing and trading in Bitcoin.

    Is MultiMiner Registered?

    MultiMiner claims to secure user data using EV SSL. However, going through the website, one cannot find any licensure security for this company. Also, various details like place of origin are missing.

    Is Investing in MultiMiner safe?

    MultiMiner offers four tiers plans starting with 0.009BTC to get 30% extra affiliate earning, 0.09BTC for 40% extra affiliate earning, 0.99BTC with 50% extra affiliate earning and 4.99BTC to get 100% extra affiliate earning. However, since the company does not verify its authenticity, investing is not recommended.

    What to do in case you are scammed by MultiMiner?

    Investment in forex trading or bitcoin involves high risks since there is a pool of scammers in the platform. Also, if you are a victim of such fraud done by MultiMiner, you can seek our help. We can assist you with the best funds recovery companies.


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