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    60OP Review

    Risk Index

    60OP was a popular forex broker that used the web platform for its trading services. It offered great leverage of up to 1:200. Among the trading assets, it supported currencies, indices, shares, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. It was a b-book broker in terms of the orders execution model.

    Is 60OP Registered?

    60OP had its origin back in 2017. However, the company started as an unlicensed and unregulated setup, hence investing in such a firm can be extremely doubtful. Moreover, this company is now closed.

    Is Investing in 60OP Safe?

    Since the trading of valuable assets can be risky, companies like 60OP should not be recommended at all. It was an unregulated company and is not operating currently as well.

    What To Do in Case You Are Scammed by 60OP?

    Since 60OP is currently closed according to the reviews, so, it can be assumed that many investors may not have received their asset back. In case you are one of them, you can reach out directly to us and our recommended funds recovery companies can help you.


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