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    WCB Review

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    Winchargeback is a London based assets recovery firm founded in 2013 by Rebecca Goodwin. It serves not only clients in the UK but in other countries as well.

    The company is highly experienced in recovering funds from Internet fraud. In fact, most of its workforce comprises of professionals with deep knowledge in Forex and Binary Options trade. It specializes in money recovery from online rackets like cryptocurrency frauds and trade scams. Internet fraud is very common with millions of victims, every year, worldwide. 

    Winchargeback offers a variety of options and support to these victims and helps them get back their lost funds quickly, without much hassle. In fact, in some cases depending on the kind of scam it deals with, it may even propose a “no win, no fee” plan to its customers.

    Which services do they provide?

    Winchargeback provides its customers with three different options to deal with online fraudsters. It offers a  ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’, and ‘Ultimate’ pack. Each of these packs comprises five subsequent steps called battle plans. The trained professionals use these steps given below to recover the assets lost.

    Review: The first step after contact is to check the outlines of the case. The company assigns an advisor who studies the case thoroughly. This may take up to 7 to 14 working days. This is however a bit longer than the general time period of the first contact among recovery firms. Only after the initial review can WCB guarantee its customers if the funds are at all recoverable. It then gives the clients a choice to either quit or continues further for recovery.

    Evidence: The next step involves studying the case in detail and gathering proof of the fraud. The organization contacts the client over the phone and asks for all the case details. These include bank statements, name of the fraudsters broker firm plus all the other parties involved, credit card statements, dates of the transaction, etc.

    All this helps in making a strong case to get back the lost money.

    Preparing/Planning winning case: Next, the experts use all the gathered evidence to make a case and contact banks and credit card companies. The professionals involve these organizations for a smooth flow of operations and might even take legal help if necessary.

    First Approach: The company does all the work for the client. Hence, the client need not have any experience at all. It contacts the middlemen and even the fraudulent companies and gets back the lost money.

    If legal help is necessary depending on the complexity of the case, the organization contacts reputed law firms on behalf of the clients to solve the issues faced.

    Funds Recovered: Winchargeback directly transfers the funds recovered from fraud companies back to the client’s account. It may use a recall or a signed settlement for this. The company takes a commission fee of 20% in Advanced plan and 30% in basic and ultimate plans from the funds recovered. WCB’s percentage cut from the recovered funds is thus higher than the average fees of recovery firms.


    WCB has recovered about 10 million British pounds worth of assets from 850 plus cases for its clients to date. It offers its clients three options to choose the recovery process.

    The first is a ‘Basic’ plan for cases where funds that WCB needs to recover, start from $5000 and up. There is no direct payment for the host of services offered but it charges clients a 30% commission of their funds recovered. This plan also supports a “No win, no fees” offer which ensures that clients get all the help they need but not pay if the fund is not recovered. WCB also extends legal help to clients at £100 GBP if required.

    The next is the ‘Advanced’ plan for recovering funds worth $15000 or more. Here the clients have to pay an upfront fee of $975. On successful completion of the cases, WCB takes a commission of only 20% from the customers. 

    The last plan offered is ‘Ultimate’. This is for extremely complicated cases that require extra care. The clients must contact the company and get a quotation depending upon the case. This plan usually involves the best attorneys and legal help. Clients thus need to pay a subsidized fee for this legal aid between £3,000 GBP and £10,000 GBP. 

    In all three plans, WCB helps its clients in each step without requiring their direct involvement. The firm acts on its own to give customers the best possible results. This helps even inexperienced customers to obtain satisfactory results without having to go into details.

    Customer Service

    Winchargeback claims to have one of the best customer service departments. 

    It is available on all working days between 9 am and 5 pm to take calls. 

    The clients can also contact directly via the website. In the case of registering a complaint, it may ask the client for further details and important documents. Clients, therefore, need to keep in mind that the company isn’t available 24/7 and they should contact it in office hours only for the fastest response.

    These documents generally include transaction statements, dates, etc. WCB usually contacts its customers after a period of 7 to 14 working days and may charge a compliance fee of £159.00 GBP. The firm thus, unlike the other asset retrieval companies, does not offer a free consultation.


    Winchargeback has the best policies to help customers recover their lost money hassle-free and fast. The systematic approach of the enterprise in solving each case is the reason for its high success rates and satisfied customers all around the world.

    The different plans available to customers, suited for their needs, make the whole process smooth and at the same time personal and secure. The highly experienced professionals dealing with the cases bring their best-negotiating skills and tactics to the table and hence are able to solve the cases successfully. With Winchargeback, customers can be sure that the leaders in the field of asset recovery will successfully win back their money.

    Positive highlights

    • Payment plans are adjustable 
    • ‘No win, no fee’ plan
    • International Client Base

    Negative highlights

    • Customers need to pay a compliance fee for all plans.
    • 7 to 14 working days required by the company to contact back customers.


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