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    YouXWallet Review

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    YouXWallet is an investment company that offers people an opportunity to make money online. It is done by hiring affiliates and investing in getting Return on Investment (ROI). It was started on May 10th, 2019. It is based out of Estonia.

    Is YouXWallet Legit?

    YouXWallet on its website has not provided any information regarding its owner and this is not a good sign for any company and raises a red flag. As per our information, it is an unregulated and offshore broker with a lack of license from any financial authority. Hence, it is not a good platform to do trading with.

    Is It Safe To Invest With YouXWallet?

    YouXWallet claims to provide a good return on a minimum investment of USD 250. But as per our research, it fails to provide any return and steals the money of their clients. Hence, if you are looking for a platform to earn money digitally, YouWallet is not all your solution. 

    How To Get Your Scammed Money Back From YouXWallet?

    If YouXWallet has scammed you with your money, you can file a complaint against it with any of our recommended funds recovery companies. They will help you to get all your money back.


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