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    WizeTrade Review

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    WizeTrade is also known as 4x Made Easy. It is a software that helps traders make money via Stocks, Commodities, Opinions, and Forex trading. It is owned by George Thompson and GlobalTech solutions.  

    Is WizeTrade Legit?

    Although WizeTrade claims on its website of being regulated, it is an unregulated one. As per our research on WizeTrade review, it has been using the details of the authorized firm to run its company. Hence, the broker is not a legit platform for trading.

    Is It Safe To Invest With WizeTrade?

    We do not recommend traders to go trading with an unregulated broker like WizeTrade. Dealing with such a broker can cause you to lose your money as it can go bankrupt anytime. Many traders have shown disappointment on various websites against this broker. Hence, it is not at all safe investing money with it.

    How To Recover Your Scammed Money By WizeTrade?

    In case WizeTrade has scammed you, you are free to file a complaint against it to any of the fund’s recovery companies advised by us. They will help you to get your invested amount back. 


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