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    WiseBanc Review

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    WiseBanc is an offshore Forex CFD broker, that is owned and operated by TLC Consulting Ltd. WiseBanc is offering investors the trading platform made by TraderSoft, for CFDs, Crypto Currencies, and Simplified Forex trading.

    Is WiseBanc Legit?

    WiseBanc does not have any kind of trade license and is not regulated by any financial body. The company has been warned about by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK for suspicious activities. 

    Should You Invest With WiseBanc?

    WiseBanc is an unregulated brokerage. The company also has suspicious information on its website and does not provide a clear idea of its workings. As the company has already been warned against by the FCA it is better if you do not invest with WiseBanc.

    What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By WiseBanc?

    If you have been scammed by WiseBanc, do not panic. We at Scam Doctor, have a compiled list of the best scam recovery services. These firms will study your case and give you the best chances of recovering your money fast and that too without much hassle.


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