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    Wealthsimple Review

    Risk Index

    Wealthsimple is a cryptocurrency trading company that was formed in Canada and offers an online service to its users to trade in cryptocurrencies to earn huge profits. 

    Is Wealthsimple Regulated?

    As per our information that we have gathered from different sources, we have come to the conclusion that Wealthsimple trading is not a regulated company and it is offering illegal services that make it fraudulent. 

    Is It Safe For You To Make An Investment With Wealthsimple?

    From what we have gathered, we do not suggest you to invest with Wealthsimple as the company is not safe, and it is in fact fraudulent. It is not safe to invest your money with a company that will not be answerable for what it does with it. 

    What Do You Do If Wealthsimple Scams You?

    If you get scammed by Wealthsimple, you can call us and our team of professionals will do their best to give you tips in order to proceed with the process of getting your funds back with the help of any of funds recovery companies recommended by us. 


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