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    Walker Marketing and Consultants Review

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    Walker Marketing and Consultants were founded in 2009, due to the high demand by large companies for a more personal, effective, and results-driven marketing approach. It has branches across the globe including Maryland, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and many more. 

    Is Walker Marketing and Consultants Legit?

    As per our research, Walker Marketing and Consultants has not provided any information about its regulation details and this is enough to say that it is an unregulated broker. It has a record of stealing money and getting out of reach. Hence, we do not recommend you to deal with this broker.

    Is It Safe To Invest With Walker Marketing and Consultants?

    Many investors have shown disappointment against Walker Marketing and Consultants and filed complaints about getting scammed by it. According to our investigation, this broker is just a waste of money and time. Hence, it is strictly advised not to get associated with it. 

    How To Get Back your Money Frauded By Walker Marketing and Consultants?

    If you have been duped by Walker Marketing and Consultants scam, you can avail of the services of funds recovery companies associated with us. They will take the necessary actions to get your money back.


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