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    Vision Binary Review

    Risk Index

    Vision Binary is a Binary Option that provides trading facilities over its SpotOption platform and promises huge benefits to the traders in return for their investments.

    Is Vision Binary Regulated?

    Vision Binary is owned and managed by a company named Smartech Limited based in St. Vincent & Grenadines. However, we realized upon our findings that Vision Binary is not a licensed broker and hence it is not a regulated entity.

    Why Is It Not Safe To Invest Your Money With Vision Binary?

    Vision Binary operations are quite ambiguous. They support mobile applications for Android phones but not for iPhone. Further, they demand a minimum deposit of USD 1000, which is very high.  Also, it is not regulated by any authentic agency. From our thorough investigation, we also discovered that it duped many traders in the past. Hence, trading through its platform can be very risky.

    Want To Recover Back Your Lost Money From Vision Binary?

    In case you or any of your associates have been duped and want to recover your lost money from Vision Binary, you can take help from the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to secure back your money.


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