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    USI Tech Review

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    USI Tech (United Software Intelligence Technology) is a business entity that promises to facilitate trade in cryptocurrencies. It also claims to offer an automated trading platform and support trade in foreign currency exchange as well.

    Is USI Tech Legitimate?

    USI Tech was launched in the year 2017 in Dubai. The company was, however, found not to be registered and regulated by any authorized government authority. Hence, it did not function as a legitimate trading entity.

    How Safe Is It To Trade With USI Tech?

    Unfortunately, it is not a good proposition to start trade with USI Tech. It has been discovered that the company went offline with millions of dollars that were invested by people all over the world in the year 2018. Many regulatory authorities have issued a warning against any kind of trade activity in USI Tech bitcoin scheme in any form.

    What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By USI Tech?

    The fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help you to recover your lost money USI Tech. Also, we can help you and your associates against any kind of risks and hazards associated with the trade.


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