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    Universe Markets FX Review

    Risk Index

    Universe Markets FX is a Forex Broker, that is owned by White Square Trading Limited. It lists a virtual office address of 131-151 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 5BB, United Kingdom.

    Is Universe Markets FX A Legit Broker?  

    Universe Markets FX is one of the risky trading platforms. It does not let you try trading in a demo mode. It means if you find that the robot is not working properly, you would not get any refund and you will lose all your invested money right there. Moreover, it is an offshore firm that suggests not to deal with it at any cost. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With Universe Markets FX?

    The main problem in dealing with an offshore and unregulated firm like Universe Markets FX is the security of your money. Many negative feedbacks have been posted online against this broker. Hence, it is not safe to invest any sum of money with Universe Markets FX.

    How To Recover Your Money Scammed By Universe Markets FX?

    If under any circumstances, you have been scammed by Universe Markets FX, you can avail the services of funds recovery companies listed with us. They will take the measure steps to recover your money.


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