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    TRUSTFX Review

    Risk Index

    TrustFX is a Forex brokerage firm which is registered in Switzerland. The company provides the Meta Trader 4 platform, as well as a wide range of trading products. The leverage extended to traders is just 1:30 which is quite balanced but the spread on EUR/USD remains unclear.

    Is TrustFX A Regulated Broker?

    TrustFX claims to return a good profit on the initial investment of USD 250. But trading with an unregulated broker is not at all reliable and hence, it is not a secure firm to deal with. Moreover, it has been blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    Is It Safe To Invest With TrustFX?

    According to our investigation of the TrustFX review, many negative reviews have been found on numerous websites against it. It has been noticed that right after the investment, the broker freezes the account of traders preventing them from login back in. Hence, it is strictly recommended not to trust in any of the services offered by the company.

    How To Get Your Scammed Money Back From TrustFX?

    In case you have been frauded by TrustFX, you can report it with the funds recovery companies listed on our website. They will help you to get your money back safe in your hands.


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