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    TradeDAX Review

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    TradeDax is a Forex broker that provides the MT4 and Web-trader Forex trading top platform. It offers over 45 forex currency pairs, Indices, Gold, Silver, CFDs, Commodities, Oil, and precious metals for personal investment and trading options.

    Is TradeDax An Authorized Broker?

    The Belgian FSMA (The Financial Services and Markets Authority) and Italian CONSOB (The Italian Companies and Exchange Commission) has issued warnings against TradeDAX. Moreover, no one knows who runs and operates the broker because the owner’s details and locations are unknown and missing on the official site of TradeDax.

    Is It Safe To Make A Deal With TradeDax?

    Investing with TradeDax may lead you to a very unsafe end. Many traders have complained against TradeDax for cheating and scamming their money and posted numerous negative feedbacks on specific websites. Therefore, it would be better to invest with some authorized companies.

    How To Retrieve BackYour Money If You Fall Into Trap Of TradeDax?

    If you have fallen into the dirty money trap hole of TradeDax, we may help you with the list of funds recovery companies that can help you recover your amount.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?