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    TopTrade Review

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    TopTrade presents itself as one of the leading Forex and CFD trading platforms. The company claims to have thousands of financing firms that trade through their platforms.

    Is TopTrade A Legit Company?

    TopTrade seems to be a legit broker but there is no official source for that. The company’s information is also missing. So, it is not known for sure whether the company is registered or not.

    Can I Invest In TopTrade?

    Since the company is not a sure legitimate broker, you should not invest with it. Moreover, there are many comments and reviews made against the company. Many users have also shared their experience saying the company has scammed their money. So, it would be better not to invest or trade with such a firm.

    What To Do In Case Of Scam By TopTrade?

    In case you have been scammed by TopTrade, reach out to us and our experts can help you with what to do. You can also choose a fund recovery company based on our expert’s advice.


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