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    SwiftCFD Review

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    SwiftCFD is an auto trading platform for Cryptocurrency. It was created by a team of software engineers Digital Worldwide OU. It is headquartered in the city of Tallinn which a small city in Estonia, Europe.

    Is SwiftCFD A Legit Broker?

    SwiftCFD, on its website, claims to be a regulated broker. But, during our investigation, we realized that it is an offshore and unregulated broker that has not received any license from any regulatory body. Hence, it is not a secure platform to do trading with. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With SwiftCFD?

    SwiftCFD promises to provide a profit of around USD 1000 per day on a minimum investment of USD 250. But, many negative reviews have been submitted by its previous traders that prove the given statement false. They have lost their total money on trading with it and hence, we do not suggest going for it for trading purposes.

    How To Recover Your Scammed Funds From SwiftCFD?

    If you have lost your hard-earned money to SwiftCFD or any similar fraud companies,  you can avail of the services of funds recovery companies listed with us to retrieve your money from the broker.


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