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    Swift Capital  Review

    Risk Index

    Swift Capital is a company that claims to offer no experience trading methods to avoid unnecessary risks. It is a 24/7 cryptocurrency trading platform. It accepts payment in bitcoin, litecoin, and bankwire.

    Is Swift capital legitimate?

    Though the company claims to be based in the UK, it is not traceable in the Companies House Register. It is not even registered with the Financial Conduct Authority either which means it cannot offer any financial or investment services legally.

     Is It Safe To Trade Through Swift Capital?

    Swift Capital is a scam is it offers investment plans with a return of 20% in 10 days or 60% in 30 days which is nearly not possible in the real world. Only a scam can offer such returns since no legitimate firm can earn a profit this high in much less time.

     What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Swift Capital?

    In case if u have lost your money by becoming a victim of fraud or scam by Swift Capital scam, then the fund recovering companies listed with us will surely help you out in getting your lost money back, and will also help in guiding you out to refrain from such scams in future.


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