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    SportArb Review

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    SportArb is a high yielding investment platform that deals in arbitrage trading related to sports and promises huge profits in a very short span of time.

    Is SportArb Registered?

    SportArb was founded by Ronald Wald and Andres Martin in the year 2016. As per the information available on its website, it is based in Birmingham and is registered with the UK Companies House. However, with a little more investigation we found that the registration is not legitimate. To increase its business potential, it offers six plans (beginner, starter, basic, advanced, expert, and partner) compatible with the spending capacity of all types of investors.

    Is It Safe To Invest With SportArb?

    In our investigation, we found that the registered address is the same as that of at least 300 more entities. Almost all the people whom we came across online were cheated and had lost their money to SportArb. Thus, it is not a wise proposition to invest in its schemes. 

    What to do If You Have Been Scammed by SportArb?

    In case you have lost your money to the scam operations run by SportArb, we offer guidance to strategize your fund recovery. The fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help you to secure back your hard-earned money.


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