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    Skype Trade Review

    Risk Index

    Skype Trade is a Binary Options trading company that promises huge profits by leveraging technological advances in the trade of cryptocurrencies.

    Is Skype Trade Registered?

    It was discovered during our thorough investigation that Skype trade is neither registered nor regulated by any authentic and reputed financial institution to conduct its trade proceedings in any of the financial instruments such as Binary Options, Metals, CFDs, etc.

    Is It Safe To Invest Your Money With Skype Trade?

    Skype Trade promises lucrative incentives and earning opportunities. However, upon detailed investigation, it was found that it is a scam that is leveraging the name of a popular video calling application “Skype”. People have posted negative reviews about it and have strictly advised to completely shun the use of Skype trade.

    What to Do If You Have Been Scammed By Skype Trade?

    If under any circumstances, you have been scammed by Skype trade, we can help you by providing consultation on how to avoid getting scammed in the future. Also, the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help you recover your money from Skype Trade.


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