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    Satominer Review

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    Satominer is a cloud mining website that promised to reward its investors with high returns and profits in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Altcoin.

    Is Satominer Legit?

    Satominer is a non-registered entity, the founders of which are unknown and as of now, the website is also nonexistent. It promised efficient algorithms and robust data centres spread across the USA, Europe, and China. It is recommended to deeply investigate the prospects if any with respect to this entity.

    Is It Safe to Invest With Satominer?

    Satominer offered four different plans namely Basic, Standard, Enterprise, and Professional each promising extremely high rewards for a meagre investment. Through our research, we discovered that it is an online mining scam similar to the Pony schemes. As was listed on its website, the firm is not located in Cyprus.

    What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Satominer?

    Even though the operations of Satominer were terminated yet if in any case you had been scammed or are being tried to scammed upon please reach out to us. We provide services that let you identify the fraudulent activities and support from our listed fund’s recovery companies that can help you to retrieve back your money.


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