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    RCH Securities Review

    Risk Index

    RCH Securities offers brokerage services. It provides investment banking, trading, dealing, and investment advisory services. It is headquartered in the United States.

    Is RCH Securities A Registered Broker?

    RCH Securities claims to be regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission in the United States. But, on a thorough investigation, we came to know that it is an unregulated trading firm that is running nothing but a scam. Moreover, it has been blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority and hence, it is not a suitable platform to do trading with.

    Is It Safe To Invest With RCH Securities?

    Dealing with an unregulated and offshore firm increases the risk factor of your hard-earned money. There have been various complaints in various authorities against such malpractices practised by the company. Hence, we do not suggest you go for investing with this firm.

    How To Recover your Scammed Amount From RCH Securities?

    If under any circumstances you have lost your money to RCH Securities, you can report it with one of our recommended funds recovery companies. They will take all the necessary actions to recover your amount.


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