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    Push Button System Review

    Risk Index

    Push Button System is a Binary Options trading platform that promises very high returns of nearly USD 20,000 per day.

    Is Push Button System Registered?

    As per the available information, Push Button System is owned and managed by Jay Brown who frequently posts videos promising sky-rocketing returns. The company also offers to maximize profits via affiliate marketing. It was also found in our research that the company is neither registered nor regulated by any legal entity.

    How Safe Is It To Invest With Push Button System?

    Push Button System is nothing but a scam. A detailed investigation helped us to find that its founder is also a hired actor. People have claimed about themselves being cheated upon by the company which asks for an initial registration fee of USD 67 to go ahead with the trading activities using its algorithms. It should be avoided at any cost.

    How To Prevent Yourself From Being Scammed By Push Button System?

    If you want to protect yourself against scams and frauds committed by Push Button System and other similar entities, you consult us to learn about how to identify and avoid getting trapped by them.


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