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    PRIMEXQ Review

    Risk Index

    ]It is an online trading broker that offers many tradable assets such as forex, stocks, and indices. It claims to provide clients with a range of trading tools and educational materials.

    Is PRIMEXQ regulated?

    PRIMEXQ has been established in Austria. However, no concrete evidence suggesting the legitimacy of the company’s registration and regulation by any competent and legitimate authority has been found.

    How Safe Is It To Trade With PRIMEXQ?

    PRIMEXQ has gained an average rating for its business and trading activities. However, there is always a risk associated with such financial activities, and therefore, advisable to take strict precautions before entering into any kind of similar trade activities.

    Want To Recover Back Your Lost Money From PRIMEXQ?

    In case you or any of your associates have been cheated and want to recover your lost money from PRIMEXQ, you can take help from the fund’s recovery companies listed with us to secure back your money. Also, we can help to keep yourself protected against any kind of frauds and scams.


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