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    Prime Trade Review

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    Prime Trade is a forex brokerage that facilitates trade in varying numbers of financial instruments such as indices, commodities, CFDs, foreign currencies, and precious metals.

    Is Prime Trade Regulated?

    Prime Trade claims itself to be based in the USA. They promise high earning opportunities to investors. It was found in our thorough investigation that the company is neither registered nor regulated by any authentic regulatory authority.

    How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With Prime Trade?

    It has been discovered that Prime Trade closed its website in the year 20017 after duping many people. It deliberately seized the investments of many people and refused to clarify the same. There are negative reviews available at most of the places regarding its malicious intent.

    How To Recover Your Lost Money From Prime Trade?

    If you have been cheated by Prime Trade then the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can provide you with the assistance to recover your lost money from Prime Trade. We also offer consultation services to enable you to keep yourself protected against frauds and scams.


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