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    Poloniex Review

    Risk Index

    Poloniex is a cryptocurrency company for trading that is known to be one of the many asset trading sites across the world. The platform deals in various cryptocurrencies. 

    Is Poloniex Legitimate?

    After in-depth research, we have found out that Poloniex is a regulated company. Even though the company is regulated, we have not found any concrete proof to be sure of its legitimacy. 

    Is Poloniex A Safe Company To Invest With?

    No, we do not find it safe for you to invest with Poloniex, as the company has not provided sufficient information, and it is suspected that it might also be a scam. 

    What Do You Do In Case Poloniex Scams You?

    If you fall into the trap of Poloniex’s scam, you can contact us. We will give you further advice and help you to get in touch with a funds recovery company that can help you to get the money back. 


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