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    Point Investment Group Review

    Risk Index

    The Point Investment Group is a trading name which is used by Mountain High Ltd., a well-reputed company established and registered in the Marshall Islands. It provides a web-based trading platform and extremely generous leverage of up to 1:200. The company claims to offers 6 account types.

    Is The Point Investment Group Regulated?

    The Point Investment Group claims to multiply money for its clients. Also, it claims to be authorized by the International Financial Services Commission. But, with extensive research, it was found that The Point Investment Group is not regulated by any legitimate financial commission.

    Is It Safe To Get Into Business Activities With The Point Investment Group?

    The Point Investment Group is a very dubious entity. Nothing concrete is known about it and there no transparent documentation or reporting with respect to it. Also, people have not reported it positively anywhere. It has received several warnings from many financial authorities one such is CNMV, Spain in 2018. Hence, getting into any type of business associated with the broker can be highly jeopardizing.

    What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By The Point Investment Group?

    If you have been cheated by The Point Investment Group, you can seek the help of our recommended funds recovery companies. They will help you to get your money back. 


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