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    PlusOption Review

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    PlusOption is a CFD’s trading platform that delivers diverse products through its user-friendly trading experience and staff support. It is addressed in London, England. The company claims to be owned and operated by  Redfield Markets ltd.

    Is PlusOption Regulated?

     PlusOption claims to be authorized and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). But our investigation has proved that the broker is not at all authorized. Moreover, it has been blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority recently.

    How Safe Is It To Trade With PlusOption?

    PlusOption does reveal any data with regards to its managing team and its modus operation of the trade facility. It has also been rated negatively by many reviewers. Hence, the trade appears to be illegal and a big scam. It is strictly recommended not to jeopardize your finances by investing in its schemes.

    How To Recover Your Lost Amount From PlusOption?

    If under any circumstances you or anyone associated with you has been cheated by PlusOption, our funds recovery companies can help you recover your money.


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