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    PCASH  Review

    Risk Index

    PCASH is a fraudulent broker that presents itself as a platform that provides its users with the trading of several cryptocurrencies. 

    Is PCASH Regulated?

    From the information that we have gathered, we could not find any concrete detail that could tell us about the broker’s legitimacy. Hence, we cannot say whether the company is registered or not. However, PCASH is offering a service that is prohibited in its area which further leads to the fact that the company is fraudulent. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With PCASH?

    No, we do not recommend you to invest with PCASH as there are a lot of red flags involved and nothing about the company is legitimate. 

    What Do You Do If PCASH Scams You?

    In case you become the victim of PCASH scam, you can contact our professionals to get help every step of the way. You can also contact the fund’s recovery companies that are listed with us. The companies will get your funds back. 


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