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    PBN Invest Review

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    PBN Invest is a forex and CFD broker which is owned and run by Capital Tech Ltd, a company registered in the Marshall Islands. The company offers CFDs trading in crypto. It is located in the Majuro Republic, Marshall Islands.

    Is PBN Invest Legitimate?

    PBN Invest refrains from sharing information about its team and office’s exact location. It was discovered upon investigation from different sources that the company has not been authorized by any competent and legitimate authority to conduct the trading business.

    Is It Safe To Trade With PBN Invest?

    Unfortunately, the FCA in the UK and FSMA in Belgium has issued a warning against any kind of trade activity with PBN Invest. Also, there have been reviews about the company, where it has been alleged of defrauding people. Moreover, the company has been blacklist by the Italian regulator CONSOB.

    What Should Be Your Next Course Of Action If You Have Been Cheated By PBN Invest?

    If you have been defrauded by PBN Invest, we can help you with our guidance on how to avoid getting trapped into scamming nets. Also, you can recover your money from the company by utilizing the services of the funds recovery companies listed with us.


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