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    Partners Group Review

    Risk Index

    Partners Group is an educational support company. It also claims to offer trade services in different financial assets.

    Is Partners Group Regulated?

    Partners Group does not reveal anything related to the company for concrete verification. It has kept details about its founders and head office private. However, we discovered that the company is not regulated by any legitimate authority commissioned by any law of the land.

    Is It Safe To Get Yourself Involved In Business With Partners Group?

    Unfortunately, Partners Group has falsely mentioned that it is permitted by the New Zealand and Australian trade commission to conduct its activities related to trade. Also, the registered address appears to be that of some parking lot in London. Hence, it is advisable not to get engaged in any kind of transaction services with Partners Group.

    What to Do If You Have Been Cheated By Partners Group?

    If you have been scammed or cheated by Partners Group, we can help you by providing guidance on how to avoid getting trapped in such malicious schemes in the future. Also, funds recovery companies listed with us can help you recover your invested amount from Partners Group.


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