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    Palm International Review

    Risk Index

    Palm International is an offshore forex broking company that provides investment and trading facilities in different assets to the investors.

    Is Palm International Registered?

    On its website, Palm International claims to be registered in the USA, licensed and authorized by the National Futures Association (NFA). It offers a Standard account type with no initial deposit and supported on the MetaTrader-4 platform with the maximum leverage of 1:100.

    Is It Safe to Invest With Palm International?

    Unfortunately, there are only negative reviews floating around regarding Palm International. Through our investigation, we realized that the firm is using the name of an already registered company based in Hong Kong. However, with no license certificate to prove their credentials, Palm International itself is not authorized to offer broking services in the USA. Their website which is not SSL encrypted does not offer any demo account and allows only a withdrawal limit of USD 100 from the wallet even if the balance stands greater than the withdrawal limit. Additionally, the accounts have been reported to have got frozen and deactivated.

    What to do in case you lose money to the Palm International?

    In case, you have been scammed by Palm International, you can avail the services provided by our recommended and trusted funds recovery companies to recover your lost money.


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