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    OptionBit Review

    Risk Index

    OptionBit is a popular trading platform for trading Binary Options. All the users get easy access to the information that is required for successful trading and this broker is fully equipped with all the modern trading tools.

    Is OptionBit Legit?

    OptionBit is an offshore broker and which is why it is not regulated. Also, there are no concrete details through which we can understand that this company is a legit one.

    Is Trading With OptionBit Safe?

    Trading with OptionBit includes risk and in general, you should avoid trading with unregulated brokers as they do not have any authority to operate in regulated countries. Hence, it is not safe to trade with this broker.

    What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By OptionBit?

    If you are a victim of the OptionBit scam, do not worry, connect with us as we will guide you to the fund recovery company in order to recover your money.


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