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    Option94 Review

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    Option94 is a cryptocurrency and Forex broker. The company is owned and operated by Lunoforex PTY Limited. As per the company they have set up several offices all around the globe such as in the UK, Australia, and the United States.

    Is Option94 A Registered Broker?

    Option94 has maintained privacy about its senior management and contact details. The website states that Option94 is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). But, we found that the broker is not regulated by any financial regulator entity. Hence, it is not a secure trading platform.

    How Safe Is To Trade With Option94?

    Unfortunately, Option94 is not a trusted broker. It is also not registered by any trusted and authentic financial commission. It has been reported and rated negatively by many traders. Hence, it is advisable not to get into trade activity with the company.

    How To Protect Yourself Against Scams And Subsequent Recovery Of Money From Option94?

    In case your money has been illegitimately seized by Option94, you can avail of the services offered by the fund’s recovery companies listed with us. They will take the necessary steps to recover your money.


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