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    Oakwood Services, LLC Review

    Risk Index

    Oakwood Services, LLC is an investment company that offers loans to customers. It is located at 801 S Adams Ste 208, Birmingham, MI. 

    Is Oakwood Services, LLC Legit?

    According to our thorough investigation, Oakwood Services, LLC is an unregulated brokerage and not a trustworthy one. It has not received a license from any financial regulatory entity to run legally. No extra information is available about it which makes it more suspicious. Therefore, it is not a secure platform for investment purposes.

    Is It Safe To Invest Money With Oakwood Services, LLC?

    When we investigated about Oakwood Services, LLC scam, we found that it is a scam that has a record of stealing money. Many reviews have been published against it for being asking loan depts from random people that they even did not owe of. Hence, it is unsafe to invest money with it.

    How To Recover Your Money Scammed From Oakwood Services, LLC?

    If under any circumstances, you have been a victim of an Oakwood Services, LLC scam, feel free to complain against it with one of our suggested fund’s recovery companies. They will help you to get your money back.


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