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    Nexus P Capital Review

    Risk Index

    Nexus P Capital surfaces as one of the trusted CFD and crypto trading companies. The company offers many types of accounts as well as financial instruments and works through the Sirix Platform. It trades in Commodities, Forex, Indices, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and even Precious Metals.

    Is Nexus P Capital Safe For Investing?

    The past reviews of Nexus P Capital state the company is involved in scams. Many users have reported fraudulent activities in the past. The company is also a blacklisted one. So, investing with Nexus P Capital is not a safe option.

    Is Nexus P Capital Legit?

    No, Nexus P Capital is not a legit company. Moreover, they have been blacklisted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (or SEC) of the Philippines.

    What To Do In Case Of A Scam By Nexus P Capital?

    Nexus P Capital has done several scams in the past and if you are one of the victims, you can reach out to us for advice. We have a host of fund recovery companies who can direct you on how you can get your money back.


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