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    Nagaharu Global Review

    Risk Index

    Nagaharu Global is an independent investment management company that offers to trade and manages portfolios offering across a variety of small, mid, and large-cap Asia Pacific equity strategies on behalf of institutional and clients globally.

    Is Nagaharu Global A Legit Broker?

    Nagaharu Global does not provide very sound and credible business information about itself. It was found during our research that the broker is not regulated by any registered Financial Authority. Hence, it is not a secure trading platform.

    Is It Safe To Invest With Nagaharu Global?

    Unfortunately, it is not a good decision or a proposition to trade with Nagaharu Global. The broker has been alleged of cheating people and taking away their deposits illegally. There have been many complaints against different malpractices practised by the broker.

    How To Recover Back Your Lost Money From Nagaharu Global?

    If you have been duped of your money by Nagaharu Global, funds recovery companies listed with us can help you recover your money. Moreover, we can also support you through our consultation on how to overcome the risks associated with similar scams and frauds.


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