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    Scam is online retailing software that offers customers various shopping assets. It claims to provide the best shopping experience for its customers.

    Is Legit?

    As we have researched, has not been given a proper license from any authority to run its website legally. Although it claims to provide good services to the customers, it does nothing but steals the amount invested in it. Hence, it is suggested not to be in touch with this broker for any purpose.

    Is It Safe To Invest With

    Unfortunately, most of the reviews that have been posted online about are negative. Many investors have been cheated by Voxbone SA scams and have taken legal actions against the fraud. Hence, your money is not safe with this broker. 

    How To Get Back Your Scammed Money From

    If under any circumstances you have been cheated by, you can avail of the services of funds recovery companies listed on our website. They will help you to get your refund as soon as possible. 


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?