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    Scam is a cryptocurrency trader that offers about 50 different cryptocurrencies which can be bought and transferred instantly as the company claims. The company started back in 2013 and is a Dutch cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    Is Legit?

    There is no information that can confirm if is a legit company. However, it is said that the company is checked by the Dutch trade register under CoC (Commerce of Chamber).

    Can You Invest in

    While there is no information that the company is registered or authorized, you need to be very careful about the investment of assets. Moreover, fraud activities are very common in the case of cryptocurrency trading, so it is better not to trade with a company that does not provide cent percent assurance.

    What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By

    You can seek the help of expert advice in case of a scam. Also, our expert will help you raise a complaint in the right fund recovery company.


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    How happy are you with the service of this company?