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    Ivory Option Review

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    Ivory Option is a Binary trading company, which was founded by a group of financial professionals. These professionals are said to have years of experience in the field. The company claims to be cost-effective for both beginners and experienced traders. There is also an option for a personal account manager for every client.

    Is Ivory Option Registered?

    Ivory Option is not a licensed or regulated broker but is owned by Arya Group Ltd, based in Bulgaria. However, the company claims a safe environment for trading and investment with the help of strong encryption software.

    Can I Invest In Ivory Option?

    Since Ivory Option is not regulated by any recognized authority, investment is not recommended in the company. Moreover, the SEC raised a complaint against Ivory Option stating that it is being controlled by fraud investors.

    What To Do In Case Of Scam By Ivory Option?

    In case you have been scammed by Ivory Options, you can reach out to us or one of our experts for help. We can recommend a fund recovery company worth considering.


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