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    IQ Option Review

    Risk Index

    IQ Option offers a platform for Binary Options and it provides several instruments for trading. The company allows you to create a demo account for free of cost and lets you earn heavy amounts of profits. 

    Is IQ Option Registered?

    From what we have gathered after a thorough investigation, we have found out that IQ Option is not a regulated company. The company claims to be regulated, but it is not and hence, it is a scam. 

    Is IQ Option A Safe Company To Invest With?

    No, it is not safe for you to invest with IQ Option as the company is not regulated or legitimate and investing your money with the company can put your hard-earned funds in jeopardy. 

    What To Do If IQ Option Scams You?

    If you become the victim of IQ Option’s scam, you can give us a call and take our expert help for advice and tips to understand the further steps. You can also select one of the fund’s recovery companies that are listed with us to get your money back from the broker. 


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