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    Inmarket FX Review

    Risk Index

    INMARKET FX is a brand name of a company called Integrated Markets LTD which is based in Vanuatu. The company is sometimes referred to as Investment Market FX. 

    Is INMARKET FX A Regulated Firm?

    As per our investigation, INMARKET FX is an unregulated and offshore broker that has not been a holder of a license from any financial regulatory entity. It calls for a minimum deposit of USD 500 to start the trading process. But, trading with an unregulated broker is not at all reliable and hence, it is not a secure firm to deal with. 

    Is It Safe To Invest With INMARKET FX?

    INMARKET FX broker review suggests that it freezes the account of investors right after their investments. Many traders have given negative feedback about this broker for being cheated by it. Hence, it is not recommended to invest any sum of money with INMARKET FX.

    How To Get Back Your Money From INMARKET FX?

    If you have been scammed by INMARKET FX, you can seek expert consultation on different aspects of our team. Also, the fund’s recovery companies listed with us can help to recover your money.


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